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Why You're Here

  • You want to distinguish yourself from your competition -- or simply leave them in the dust.
  • You want to highlight your good works, but you're not afraid to own up to your mistakes.
  • You want to tell the world that you're ready to rock.

Good! Let's do it.

Sledge Strategies helps you tell your story to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. If you're not sure what you need regarding public relations, but you know you need something, then we're ready to work together.


What I Do


Interacting with the media doesn't have to be intimidating. Somebody's going to tell your story, so it might as well be you. Sledge Strategies will help prepare you for media interaction and connect you with the outlets best suited to tell your story. Sometimes you get one shot at breaking through; let's make sure your aim is true.


You need public buy-in or support for your endeavor, and you don't know who the gatekeepers are or how to approach them. Sledge Strategies helps build the bridges that create trust and mutual participation in order to achieve your goal. Battling it out might be fun at first, but cooperation is a whole lot more effective.


If you're taking the courageous step of running for office, then you deserve to benefit from the advice of someone who's been there before. If you're fighting for the rights of the neglected, the voices of the ignored and the values of our diverse communities, then you're the right kind of candidate for Sledge Strategies.


About Colby

Colby Headshot.jpg

Hey! That's me! I'm Colby Sledge, President of Sledge Strategies. I've spent my entire professional career -- since I was 16 years old -- in communications, public relations and community building. I've worked in the chaos of a newsroom, the halls of a state capitol, and the offices of a major independent agency. I talk to people, I listen to people, and I work to ensure that you are able to get your story out correctly, clearly and successfully.

I've worked with multinational companies and community nonprofits. I've helped organize large events, spoken to national media outlets, and have participated in campaigns for everything from immigration reform to education funding to civic planning. (I've also worked on my own campaign, as a sitting Metro Nashville Council member.)

My mission is simple: If you are doing good work, I want people to know about it. You deserve it!


Ready to start?